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We had Epic Advertising design and install the lettering on our Truck, Trailer, and SUV. I would highly recommend them to all my friends and family! Aaron is such a nice guy and it was a pleasure working with him from start to finish. They do quality work and were reasonably priced.
Date of Posting: 21 June 2018
Posted By: Leah C.
Murrieta, CA
T3 Fence
My special thanks to the Epic team for the wonderful job you did on the pop up tent for Tilted Kilt Moreno Valley . We are delighted with the presentation and especially appreciated your suggested modifications. The extra time and effort you put in were certainly worthwhile. It is a joy for me to work with such dedicated and talented team.
Date of Posting: 21 June 2018
Posted By: Aaron C.
Moreno Valley, CA
Tilted Kilt
I've had the pleasure of working with Aaron and his team at Epic for a few years now. I could not stress enough the level of professionalism and attention I've received while doing business with them. They are always on time and the quality amazing. If had a few when I needed something "yesterday" and they get it done EVERY TIME!! All this and Epic is always below everyone else's price.

This is a company that I hope everyone has the chance to work with!
Date of Posting: 21 June 2018
Posted By: Sean R.
Burbank, CA
Just returning from my whirl-wind June Event schedule. I want to compliment you and your company on the products you produced. I gotta brag on you a little bit with a story.

We were in Dubuque IA this month in the Kennedy Mall parking lot with more than 1,500 people who wanted to see our Clydesdales. The event was from 3p-6p and the weather was calling for storms after 4p. As the event went on, the weather was awesome and no signs of storms. At about 5:50p, I looked back to the south and noticed a little bitty thunder head that seemed to be building quite rapidly.

I pulled out my iphone and opened my “radar” app and saw that this thing had hail in it and it was headed right for us. It was growing by leaps and bounds as it was heading our way. There was no time to strike the tent, tables, games, signs and everything we had to do to secure the site. I ordered our helpers to strike everything we could and throw it under the tent, we would have to ride it out under the tent and hope for the best. THIS WAS THE VERY FIRST TIME WE USED THE TENT!

Sure enough within 5 minutes it started to rain, then came the 50 mile per hour wind and then the hail. As you can see in the attached photo, that’s me outside the tent holding one of the legs prior to the hail coming. We had about 15 people under the tent holding it down for a solid 45 minutes as this storm just pounded the crap out of us. The tent survived with minimal frame damage and no tarp damage. We would have made it unscathed but one of the ladies holding the middle of the 15’ section of frame was blown off her feet and held on to the frame a little too long, which bent it slightly. We were able to repair it, but not one single fracture to the frame.

Pretty impressive construction if you ask me! That’s a story that will live forever in our company. Hope you enjoyed.

Mike Hoehnr
Date of Posting: 12 July 2017
Posted By: Mike Hoehner
Our tent came in today and we just did a test setup. Holy cow, it is so nice. It’s the nicest tent we have ever seen. The hardware is all super sturdy and glass filled- our engineer brained people were really thrilled with it. We will send pictures from Saturday’s event. If you ever need a reference send them along. This whole experience was 10 time easier than most vendors I deal with on the day to day, it’s worth so much to us!!!
Date of Posting: 31 May 2017
Posted By: Jaime Caso
Boulder, Colorado
GREAT NEWS, our last three shows we have beat all our previous 19 years....I KNOW it is the tent! Several vendors have asked about it and 2 have snapped pictures of your tag! We also had a group of photographers and one took a picture of his girlfriend kissing the squirrel... CUTE! Creating a lot of EXCITEMENT and $$$SALES$$$!!! Thanks to you and your crew.... We are so HAPPY!!! - Vicky
Date of Posting: 15 May 2017
Posted By: Vicki Dunn
We ordered our tent from Epic Advertising and we are very satisfied with our tent and table covers. Thank you for the great customer service!!
Date of Posting: 31 January 2017
Posted By: Neel McGovern
Pasadena, TX
Pappa Yolk's Grill
Just wanna say how amazing of a product this is!!! (Giant Ram Tunnel Inflatable) I had never put it up before, but wrestling wanted it in the gym and I said I'd try and with no experience put it up in 5 minutes. Thank you guys again so much for doing it, basketball, wrestling, soccer, and lacrosse all want to use it now. Thank you so much again! See tunnel here:
Date of Posting: 30 January 2017
Posted By: Murrieta Mesa High School
Murrieta, CA
Chad, Awesome job on the canopy! Great reviews all week long at the tournament. Several Parents and teams asking we're we got the canopy from. Athletic director from Grossmont High School asked for your guys info also. By far the best canopy at the tourney. The Team and the parents loved it! Thanks again.
Date of Posting: 13 December 2016
Posted By: Patrick
Valley Center, CA
Valley Center High School Aquatics
Chad Collett was very informative and professional during the process of which I purchased two 10X10 pop up tents for my business. They arrived sooner than expected and Epic Advertising was the best price around. We will definitely do business again! Once again thank you.
Date of Posting: 14 January 2016
Posted By: Alex Rahmings
Apollo Beach, Florida
Rack City Ribz, llc

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